About Bespoke Software

What we do

Bespoke Software provides Business Intelligence solutions for the Re/Insurance industry. We have solid skills and expertise in all aspects of software development, business analysis and application support.

We know what it takes to deliver a successful Business Intelligence project on time and within budget. We have rich business knowledge in the Reinsurance, Insurance, Banking and Finance sectors.

Our objective is to enable our clients to leverage data in their existing operational systems for competitive advantage.

We believe it is essential for a company to understand their key performance indicators and to have this information surfaced to the end user in a timely, accurate and easily digestible way, to promote faster more effective decision making. No more waiting for month end accounts or reliance on slow, manual analysis using spreadsheets with sometimes unreliable results!


How we do it

Bespoke Software is able to work with each client to provide a full range of services related to Business Intelligence. We can help get you started by answering the question “What do we need?” to selection of a toolset, extracting, cleaning and transforming data, building out data warehouses and data analysis cubes, all the way through to surfacing the intelligence in report solutions, executive information systems, dashboards or even web based applications.

We partner with our clients on each project to ensure that your unique business intelligence needs are effectively met. Our success hinges on yours!

We have excellent project management processes and practice an Agile approach with our software development and implementation, so our clients are always in the loop reagrding progress, budget and delivery.

We strive to leave our clients in a self-sustainable position with lean, useful user documentation as well as clear, easily repeatable systems lifecycle promotion processes.

We never implement a solution and then abandon you! Our on-island resource is ready when you are to support, health check, train staff or provide thought leadership to enhance your business intelligence systems as your business needs demand.


Our Tools

Bespoke Software specialize in the Microsoft SQL Server toolset because we believe this toolset enables speedy, robust delivery. Microsoft tools are pervasive world-wide, meaning many of our clients have it installed already and can get further return on investment in the software and staff training.

We use an in-house Agile Project Management toolset that allows us to manage all of our projects. Our tool allows us to manage the system development lifecycle, the associated documentation as well as track our resources, budgets and timeline. We keep our customers fully informed of progress, issues and spend while still allowing flexibility if needs change mid-project.

We are the Bermuda partner for Dundas Dashboards and can provide licensing and implementation services for clients who require dashboarding solutions.