Case Studies

These are real life Case Studies that illustrate some of the solutions we have built for our clients. Anything sound familiar?

Near Real Time Earnings

The Challenge: To calculate earnings on an almost real time basis and to reuse that calculation in whatever tool users employ to surface the data such as spreadsheets, reports, dashboards or other business applications.

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Foreign Exchange Effect

The Challenge: To calculate the realized and unrealized gains and losses (RGLOE/UGLOE) on treaty transactions due to the effect of foreign exchange fluctuations, and book these values to the General Ledger to form part of performance analysis and investment decisions for the business.

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Legislative and Compliance Reporting

The Challenge: To compile and report on various risk, solvency, capital, profitability and liquidity metrics as mandated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

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Underwriting Operations

The Challenge: To track and monitor the performance of the insurance sales process through metrics such as new business hit ratios, new vs renewal business, premium rates, premium actuals to targets, Underwriter performance, Top/Bottom Brokers and Clients.

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Renewal Negotiation

The Challenge: To produce a consistent reporting package of earnings and claims experience to assist in the negotiation of contracts with Reinsurers.

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Mobile Executive Dashboard

The Challenge: To produce an analysis of operations by different business dimensions such as Line of Business, Broker, Client, GL Accounts, Actual vs Budget vs Target ledgers and make the data available to all levels of the company including Board, Executives and Underwriters who may be globally distributed at meeting time or even in transit.

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