New BI Solution inTell Captive launches

Press Release - March 2017

Go from Zero to Data Hero fast with inTell Captive
Captive Managers are feeling the squeeze when it comes to wrangling their business data to manage daily operations, meet regulatory obligations, and provide value-add services like performance analysis, benchmarking and forecasting to their clients and business users. Historically Captives have not required the sophisticated information systems and data management tools of more traditional insurers and reinsurers who deal with large transactional volumes of data, but this is changing as client and user needs and service expectations rise. Clients and users are demanding faster, more convenient and sophisticated access to data, increasing the pressures on Captive Managers to meet expectations while keeping the cost impact on the bottom line in check. As more competitors move in to the Captive market offering superior services like risk analysis and benchmarking, Captive Managers are looking for better ways to keep up, remain relevant and maintain or create their service differentiator.

To help relieve these pressures, local Bermudian company Bespoke Software is launching “inTell Captive” a new Business Intelligence software solution designed to give Captive Managers leading-edge capabilities to manage and leverage their Captive data. InTell Captive will get Captive Managers up and running fast, reporting and tracking results, making smarter, faster, effective business decisions, easing regulatory reporting burdens, forecasting and planning, managing foreign exchange, reducing the cost of Captive management and outplaying the competition by being able to offer mobile, online access to data, dashboards, benchmarking and performance analysis.

Captive Managers can start leveraging their Captive data in as little as 3 months instead of 2-3 years as with traditional data warehousing or reporting initiatives. Staying up to date is easy as we constantly enhance and add new features to the product as the Captive business model flexes, and we do the heavy lifting of sourcing, evaluating and integrating new tools as the Information Technology landscape evolves such as leveraging Big Data sources or providing Cloud based data access.

inTell Captive does all this by providing data warehousing, analysis, reporting, dashboarding, self-service BI and Forecasting capability through our state-of-the-art software tools and Captive business data model. inTell Captive contains Underwriting, Finance, Foreign exchange capability as well as reconciliation, audit and compliance features to ease some of the daily operational and regulatory reporting burdens. The inTell Captive toolset lets you access your data securely on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Our solution provides a solid BI foundation that can easily be extended for companies looking to leverage external data sources or who may want to integrate their data with Big Data initiatives.

With all these awesome capabilities, inTell Captive can take a Captive Manager from Zero to Data Hero, FAST!