Legislative and Compliance Reporting

Business Challenge

To compile and report on various risk, solvency, capital, profitability and liquidity metrics as mandated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

The biggest challenge in this case was to compile the data required and consistently format it so that each time the BMA mandate needed to be met, the process could be repeated and could be trusted to be accurate.


Extend the client's existing Data Warehouse to include any additional data required by the BMA and then set up Reporting Services reports to produce the required information.

Implement a User Acceptance Testing program for the client so that the users could easily verify that the reported data reconciled to any other system in which it was used.

Solution Architecture

  • Integration Services packages to bring additional BMA data in to the Data Warehouse.
  • Analysis Services cubes to allow slicing and dicing of data across different dimensions
  • Reporting Services reporting pack over the cubes to produce the BMA reports.


Business Value Realized

  • Fast, easily repeatable process to meet mandated BMA requirements.
  • Confidence that the data was correct, could be reconciled to other systems and that the testing process could be repeated should future changes be required.
  • An auditable, verifiable process for BMA reporting.

Cost: ~$50,000

Cost Savings/ ROI

  • ~$10,000 User's time is not spent on data acquisition and manipulation.
  • ~$50,000+ Accurate, timely BMA reporting allows the company to meet its regulatory requirements.
  • ~$20,000-$30,000 SQL Server software was already installed and available for use in this project so no additional software costs were incurred, instead the client's existing software investment was leveraged to provide further value to the business.

Future Capability

  • Reporting Services reports can be scheduled to be run automatically and be distributed to interested parties by email and in PDF format.
  • BMA data could be used in other business analysis where appropriate as it is now accessible in the Data Warehouse.

The Team


Project Manager

Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence Consultant

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