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Business Challenge

To produce an analysis of operations by different business dimensions such as Line of Business, Broker, Client, GL Accounts, Actual vs Budget vs Target ledgers and make the data available to all levels of the company including Board, Executives and Underwriters who may be globally distributed at meeting time or even in transit.

In this case, the client's data existed in their Reinsurance system, their General Ledger and in some spreadsheets. Each month saw a whirlwind of activity by the finance team to update each system and then extract, collate, classify, reconcile and analyze the data.

One of the biggest challenges was ensuring that the master data shared between the systems was accurate and up to date. This often derailed reporting, analysis and reconciliation if a treaty was missing or had different analysis codes assigned to it in the different systems.


Build a Data Mart and combine data from the Reinsurance source system, General Ledger and spreadsheets that contained analysis codes not available in either of the other systems.

Implement a dashboarding tool that allowed users to visualize and collaborate on the data on mobile devices.

Solution Architecture

  • Integration Services packages to bring reinsurance and ledger data from existing systems as well as analysis classifications loaded from spreadsheets into a Data Mart.
  • A SQL Server database to house the combined and transformed data. The data was loaded into a star schema consisting of fact and dimension tables that modelled the clients' business structure.
  • Analysis Services cubes to calculate and trend the data and allow slicing and dicing across the different business dimensions.
  • Dashboards of the various business metrics contained in the cubes, such as actual, budget and forecasted Written & Earned Premiums, Loss Ratios, Commissions, Acquisition Costs, Underwriting expenses and more. The dashboards were surfaced as a web application and could be used on desktop pc's, tablets or other mobile devices.


Business Value Realized

  • Users have the underwriting metrics updated daily, and available no matter where they are or what device they have available to consume it.
  • Ability to store analysis data in one place but use it to analyze data that may be sourced from different systems.
  • The ability to drilldown and slice and dice the data gives the business consumers far better insight into business health, allowing them to make pro-active decisions.

Cost: ~$70,000

Cost Savings/ ROI

  • ~$60,000 User's time is not spent on data acquisition and manipulation.
  • ~$20,000+ Double-entry of data, data correction and reconciliation.

Future Capability

  • The Data Mart can be expanded to contain additional business metrics from the source reinsurance system as well as to combine data that exists in separate data sources like spreadsheets or contract documents and Letters of Credit.
  • Dashboarding solution can be further utilized to bring in other metrics such as underwriter, client and broker performance statistics.

The Team


Project Manager

Business Intelligence Consultant

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