Renewal Negotiation

Business Challenge

To produce a consistent reporting package of earnings and claims experience to assist in the negotiation of contracts with Reinsurers.

The client needed to have a standard, easily accessible way to calculate and produce earnings, loss ratios, claims experience, loss triangles and other data required by reinsurers during the annual contract negotiation.

The client operates with a fairly small staff that do not have the time or the skills needed to obtain the information required.


Implement some OLAP Analysis cubes to collate and calculate the required information from the client's in-house web based Insurance management system.

Build parameter driven Reporting Services reports over the source system and the cubes so that the users can easily run the reports over the time frames required to obtain the needed information.

Solution Architecture

  • Integration Services packages to bring data from the source system into an Operational Data Store.
  • Analysis Services cubes to allow calculation, transformation and storage of the data over time.
  • Reporting Services reports that can be run using different parameters that provide a standard, fast way of retrieving and presenting the data for the renewal negotiation.


Business Value Realized

  • Business users can effectively prepare the required information without requiring complex technical skills.
  • Negotiation data is standardized making the negotiation process faster and more effective.
  • Data points can be stored and trended over time allowing valuable insight into performance and profitability.

Cost: ~$50,000

Cost Savings/ ROI

  • ~$30,000 User's time is not spent on data acquisition and manipulation.
  • ~$40,000+ Standardized, repeatable negotiation process.
  • ~$20,000 - $30,000 Existing SQL Server toolset was utilized giving a further return on the existing software and hardware investment.

The Team



Project Manager

Software Implementation Analyst

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