Underwriting Operations

Business Challenge

To track and monitor the performance of the insurance sales process through metrics such as new business hit ratios, new vs renewal business, premium rates, premium actuals to targets, Underwriter performance, Top/Bottom Brokers and Clients.

The client needed to get valuable operating metrics into the hands of it's underwriters so that they could be more effective in their sales process. The underwriters had new and renewal targets to achieve as well as targets around their Premium and Renewal rates. Problem was that their submission data resided in a different system to their inforce policies and there was no effective mechanisms in place to combine and then present the data to the users in a timely way.

The client had a general idea about what information they wanted to see, but were seeking guidance on the specific data points required and the best visualizations to use to tell their story and make the data insights truly actionable.

An additional motivating factor for the client was that they had effectively used dashboards in the past and the users found the visual charts, heat maps, indicators and drill down ability to be a very fast and effective way to get insights into their data. Unfortunately their dashboarding technology was old, unsupported and expensive to maintain, and would not help them meet their current requirements.


Extend the client's existing Data Warehouse and bring in the submission data into the same dimensional framework already being utilized within the business. Using the existing dimensions such as Time, Client, Broker, Underwriter, Line of Business, enabled the client to see the full sales and profitability picture for a Client, Broker or Line of Business.

Implement a new dashboarding tool that allowed users to visualize, interact and collaborate on the sales data in faster, more insightful ways.

The design of the dashboard was key to its success. The design paradigm answered the questions, "Where are we now?", "How did we get here?" and "Where are we going?". This approach gives the client the ability to be very proactive in their decision making.

Solution Architecture

  • Integration Services packages to bring additional submissions data in to the Data Warehouse.
  • Extension of the existing Data Warehouse star schema, fact and dimension tables.
  • Analysis Services cubes to allow slicing and dicing of data across the different dimensions.
  • Dashboards of the various sales process metrics in the cubes. The dashboards were surfaced as a web application and could be used on desktop pc's, tablets or other mobile devices.


Business Value Realized

  • Users have the underwriting metrics at their fingertips when they need it.
  • Ability to share and collaborate on the same data points via the dashboard gives the business users a better overall understanding of the factors that are truly driving business.
  • The ability to drilldown and slice and dice the data gives the business consumers far better insight into business health, allowing them to make pro-active decisions.
  • Having "one version of the truth" around key business measures gives decision makers a higher level of confidence.
  • Enables performance measurement for the Underwriting team.
  • Underwriters are able to plan more effective srategies for closing sales.

Cost: ~$80,000

Cost Savings/ ROI

  • ~$30,000 User's time is not spent on data acquisition and manipulation.
  • ~$50,000+ Ability to make Pro-active decisions makes it more likely that targets can be met.
  • ~$150,000+ Ability to identify and act to rectify failing processes or under-performance.
  • ~$50,000 Old dashboarding system software and hardware can be retired.

Future Capability

  • Dashboarding solution can be further utilized to enable users to share data insights and collaborate across any aspect of the organization or even undertake their own ad-hoc analysis by using the self-service Business Intelligence features available in the tool.
  • Other business metrics can be added to this solution such as Claims analysis, Earnings patterns, Product analysis, Line of Business performance, Broker performance, Marketing campaign impact.

The Team


Project Manager

Business Intelligence Consultant

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