inTell BI Solution

Bespoke Software’s inTell Business Intelligence (BI) solution is a potent mix of years of BI best practices, the best tools for the job and a solid process to produce the metrics that make your business tick. Giving you your inTell, when and where you need it..

Jump Start Your BI Soltuion

inTell is a BI framework that can be customized to suit your business. Get a huge jump start into Data Warehousing, Dashboarding, Reporting, Planning & Forecasting and more with inTell.

Your Business Model

We can construct your Data Warehouse using your Business Model. Your Data Warehouse will work the way your business does.

inTell BI Solutions

  • inTell Captive
  • inTell Insurance
  • inTell Reinsurance
  • inTell Banking

Your Data, Your Rules, Your Business Model. Your inTell.

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